Thursday, June 11, 2009

Explore'd again!

Another one of my photos was Explored on flickr! That makes a grand total of four now!
: )

This was an older one I had re-edited and uploaded. I like the mood of the photo.

I'm an Angel bored like hell and you're the Devil meaning well.


In other news... I'm positive that some of my co-workers are going to be giving me strange looks from now on once they see my new post on crackbook. bahahaa

my addictions.

Yeaah... cuz that's how i roll. BooOYAh. ;)

Tomorrow I'm taking a day for MYSELF and I have to run some errands downtown. I'll be taking along my camera. Pray for an unrainy day so I can snap up some super amazing photos. yep. :)) -- plus: i'm dying my hair. YAYness!

Buona Notte. .xoxo.

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